August 25, 2020

Listing Agents Who Call the Buyer’s Lender

“Who Ya Gonna Call?” (When an Offer Comes In) As a Buyer’s agent, how can you tell if the listing agent (representing the Seller) is taking your client’s offer seriously? They call the Buyer’s lender ” specifically, the lender on the Buyer’s Pre-Approval letter ” and verify key information. Like, whether they’ve previously worked with the...
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Staging Inside, Outside, and Poolside (Poolside??)

Universal Staging Principles How do you stage an outdoor, in-ground swimming pool in the backyard of a “For Sale” home? The same way you stage anything else: by adding accents, focal points, and color ” and removing clutter. For an outdoor pool, that means opening up any poolside umbrellas, arranging nearby lawn chairs, and throwing...
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