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Gauging How Seasoned the Realtor is: Three Metrics Besides “Years in the Biz”

  Sure, sure, “how many years someone has been in the business” is a rough proxy for how experienced a particular Realtor is. That’s especially so in a field where something like 90% of new entrants last less than two years. But, I’d argue, there are three other metrics that more accurately capture how seasoned/skilled...
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De-emphasizing “As Is”

As I discussed in a post last week titled, “Bye, Bye, Home Seller Warranties,” the key Minnesota forms change this year is dropping various Seller warranties that had previously been in the Purchase Agreement. As a side effect of this omission, there is now much less need for “As Is” Addenda — historically, one of...
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Who’s Sick of Whom?

Best exchange at today’s Exceptional Properties meeting? That would be the one between Matt Loskota, newly named manager of the merged City Lakes and Parkwest offices, and John Shaw and John Smaby, office managers of Edina’s 6800 and 50th & France offices, respectively. The meeting typically attracts 40-50 upper bracket agents from 3-4 nearby Edina offices, and...
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