Today’s Headlines, If You Have Dyslexia

Scrambled Headlines?  Maybe Not . . . Today’s headlines are scary enough if you don’t have dyslexia. Unfortunately, if you do (my case is very mild), it can make things exponentially worse. Take, for example, the headline in today’s Wall Street Journal: “Alabama Hears Final Pitch” My brain converted that into these variations: “Alabama Fears Final Hitch”...
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Was That “Beer Run” or “Deer Run??”

Blast email:  “Buyer Need — Deer Run, Victoria” I couldn’t figure out why an Edina Realty office manager was broadcasting — via email to 2,100+ Edina agents this week — what initially looked like “Buyer Need — Beer Run.” Then I re-read the email; it actually said, “Buyer Need — Deer Run, Victoria.” My bad (good?) ....
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“How Come It’s ‘Northwest’ Instead of ‘Westnorth?'”

Spoken Like a True Dyslexic My (mildly) dyslexic, left-handed son — just like me — posed that question today. Why isn’t it “westnorth” instead of “northwest?” Or “eastsouth,” instead of “southeast?” Makes perfectly good sense to me . . .
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Phew! Guess Who’s (Next) Most Relieved that “12/21/12” is Over

The Hardest Date for Dyslexic’s First, “12/12/12” got everyone’s attention. Then, the would-be Mayan Apocalypse — yesterday, 12/21/12 — loomed large. But yesterday was especially challenging for a group of people without a doomsayers’ streak:  those with dyslexia (I’ve got a mild case). Surviving the Apocalypse and Other Challenges (Like, Spelling It) As if the...
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*Grocery Shopping While Dyslexic (& Tired)

I either just bought three, four cheese pizzas or four, three cheese pizzas — I’m honestly not sure which (or that it makes a difference). I just know that I paid $13, not $31. *Title inspired by David Sedaris’ book title, “When Engulfed in Flames.”
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