April 11, 2011

*Grocery Shopping While Dyslexic (& Tired)

I either just bought three, four cheese pizzas or four, three cheese pizzas — I’m honestly not sure which (or that it makes a difference). I just know that I paid $13, not $31. *Title inspired by David Sedaris’ book title, “When Engulfed in Flames.”
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Lining Up for Deepak Chopra in St. Louis Park

When I drove past Beth El Synagogue at 5:45 p.m. tonight on the way to pick up my kids, the line in front to hear Deepak Chopra was 100-long. Driving past the other way 30 minutes later, it was easily triple that. I’m not sure what they’re thinking, but I’ve got a hunch what Mr. Chopra...
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Houses With Too Many Bedrooms

For many “space-challenged” families, even the thought seems inconceivable:  a home with too many bedrooms! How can such a thing be possible? Easy. Exhibit A:  a two-story home with a 900 square foot foundation — and four (or five!) bedrooms on the upper level. When you see such a configuration, you know that:  1) the bedrooms...
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