drip marketing

Realtor Freudian Slips

Raindrops & Price Reductions Notwithstanding the news headlines, not every home is selling in multiple offers the first day on the market. In fact, precisely because of those headlines, I’m seeing more Sellers insist on too-high initial asking prices. When a home isn’t selling — or even getting showings — standard operating procedure is to...
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"Drip" Marketing? How about "Spray?"

Synonyms for “Drip”: ‘Spray,’ ‘Drizzle,’ ‘Bombard’ Thanks to technology, I can now automatically send everyone whose email address I know — and my Rolodex has 1,900 names — a weekly (or daily, or hourly!) real estate “update.” But I don’t. That’s because they’re annoying and impersonal. Speaking (only?) for myself, I like to practice what...
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