Downtown Minneapolis

Bike Portaging (Huh?!?) on the Mississippi River

The Twin Cities’ Most Valuable Free (Public) Real Estate When Minnesotans think of portaging, they usually have in mind carrying a canoe between two lakes somewhere in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota. So, what’s bike portaging? When the quickest way to get from one paved road to another is to carry your...
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“On Golden Pond?” Sort Of

All Alone . . . in the Middle of 3 Million People OK, so “On Fuchsia Pond” doesn’t have the same ring to it as “On Golden Pond,” the 1981 movie starring Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn. And the body of water that’s pictured above and below left isn’t a pond — it’s Minneapolis’ Lake...
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Twin Cities Dodges a Super Bowl-sized Bullet (by exactly one year)

Spared a Blizzard (sorry) of Bad PR Just imagine: if the Twin Cities played host to the Super Bowl this year instead of last, thousands of out-of-town visitors would now be arriving to a minus 35° wind chill — headed towards as low as minus 60°(!) the next two nights. That compares with an air temp...
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Downtown Minneapolis, T-minus-3 Hours to Super Bowl 52

If you thought Downtown Minneapolis this afternoon would be swarming with football fans, traffic (lots of buses!), security, and even small aircraft overhead (towing giant advertising banners), you’d be only half right. Specifically, the eastern half. The other side of downtown — west of Hennepin Ave., including the North Loop — was surprisingly empty. Added bonus:  lots of free(!)...
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Mary Tyler Moore (1936 – 2017)

Passing of Two Twin Cities Icons Twin Citians of a certain age (I qualify) will forever associate Mary Tyler Moore with her iconic ’70’s sitcom. Runner-up associations:  the Kenwood home featured in the show’s opening credits; and the photo (above) showing Ms. Moore exuberantly flinging her hat in front of Dayton’s department store in Downtown Minneapolis....
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Downtown Minneapolis at Lunchtime: Invasion of the Food Trucks

On the Menu:  “Fried Chicken Tacos”, “Baja Shrimp Tacos,” etc. It’s certainly a welcome change from the usual, empty streetscape in Downtown Minneapolis (especially in Winter):  lots of pedestrians lined up to buy good food at what appear to be at least two dozen or so food trucks.* Most popular stretches:  along Marquette and Third Avenue,...
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