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What Do Realtors Borrow From One Another?

“For Sale” Signs, Contractors, and Umbrellas (Umbrellas??) Neighbors — at least once upon a time — used to borrow a cup of sugar from one another. What do Realtors borrow from each other? Far and away, the number #1 request is for Open House signs (typically, the person requesting them is a newer agent who...
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Contractor “Win, Place, or Show”

Making the (Referral) Cut When is finishing in 3rd place (“showing”) just as good as winning? When it comes to referring contractors — at least the way I do it. Namely, my practice is to recommend three very experienced, reputable vendors who would ALL do a good job for my client, then let them screen...
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Gauging an Ad’s Effectiveness: Which Ones Work?

“Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery,” Real Estate Version “I know I’m wasting half my advertising budget . . . I just don’t know which half. “ –Corporate marketing director Want to know if a particular marketing piece is effective? Certainly, if the postcard, email, or bus bench caused someone to contact you — you...
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Realtor Referrals

Housing Market’s “Babysitters” I have the names of over 500 contractors in my contact manager (no, I don’t use a Rolodex anymore; I doubt anyone under 25 even knows what they are). My database includes not just inspectors, lenders, and handymen, but also painters, carpenters, electricians, roofers, masons, odor remediators (by far the best:  Dave Polley,...
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Client “Ten Commandments”

How to Make Sure Contractors Will Love You What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. In previous posts, I’ve discussed what constitutes “model behavior” for contractors.   See, “Contractor Etiquette“; “Giving Good Invoice.” So, it only seems fair to spell out the equivalent standards for being a good client. Do the following (or...
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