Pros and Cons of Relo(cation) Buyers for Home Sellers

The Relocation Fire Drill, or, “The Turbo-Charged Home Search” Relocation Buyers — often serial corporate transferees — present both opportunities and challenges for Sellers. First, the bad news:  such Buyers typically look at LOTS of homes, across a wide range of neighborhoods and home styles. That’s because they don’t know the local community well or...
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Is It Really a Corner Lot? One Way to Tell

1 Picture = 1,000 Words Just in case there’s any doubt, the wide-angle shot (above) of this Lake Nokomis home definitively answers the question:  “is it a corner lot?” Realtor conventional wisdom is that some Buyers prefer them, because of the extra light (and one less neighbor). Meanwhile, others avoid corner lots, because of the...
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