Central Park

In the Shadow of the Super-Rich. Literally.

“A Fence Around Central Park” “One would hope that the city would act as protector of sun and light and clean air and space and parkland.  Those elements are essential to combat the stress of urban life.” –Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (1987)  The economic “kick” from the row of super-towers — called “Billionaire’s Row” — now...
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Inverting Green Space, Cityscape

Re-Think NYC Minneapolis There’s a billboard campaign in Manhattan at the moment showing how the island would look if Central Park were developed, and the rest of the city . . . wasn’t.  It’s a brilliant way of showing the amount of space we devote to each use. How would Minneapolis look rendered in such a...
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Minneapolis’ Great Lawn

No Celebrities — or Crowds OK, so the buildings ringing it are only 5 to 10 stories tall, not 50 to 60 stories — and none of them are famous (unless you count the Calhoun Beach Club). And you won’t see any celebrities throwing Frisbees or otherwise kicking back. But Minneapolis’ equivalent of Central Park’s...
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Minneapolis’ "Central Park"

Comparing Theodore Wirth, Central Park OK, it’s only 743 acres, compared to its (much more) famous peer’s 843 acres. And it’s technically located on the city’s west side. However, for sheer sprawl, topography, and wildlife (animals, not people), Minneapolis’ Theodore Wirth Park arguably rivals — or surpasses — New York City’s Central Park. And if...
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