August 17, 2011

NY City Bargains and Rip-Off’s

What does $14 buy you in Manhattan? A hot dog ($8) and Coke ($6) at Yankee Stadium. Or . . . round-trip bus fare to Philadelphia on either the Megabus or Bolt bus lines (I took the former). Not only was the (double-decker) bus clean, modern, and on-time — it had free Wi-Fi, too!
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“SEPTA,” Defined

[I’ll take] “Awkward Acronyms for $100” Want proof that you’re in an urban, eastern seaboard state? (I’m in Philadelphia at the moment visiting relatives).   The transportation system has a name that sounds like it’s a new kind of septic system, or maybe the plural form. In this case, that would be “SEPTA,” short for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. Somehow,...
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The Next Big Thing?  Not Yet Not all technological innovations take the world by storm. Or at least the real estate world. Case in point:  so-called QR codes, short for “quick response.” Essentially a bar code (like the one at left), they allow anyone with a smart phone to take a snapshot of an image,...
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Are All Realtor-Attorneys the Same?

To laymen, it must certainly appear that way. So, people who know I used to be a corporate attorney will often say to me in passing about another Realtor, “did you know that so-and-so used to be an attorney, too?” If and when I cross paths with the fellow Realtor-Attorney, what I invariably discover is...
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Inverting Green Space, Cityscape

Re-Think NYC Minneapolis There’s a billboard campaign in Manhattan at the moment showing how the island would look if Central Park were developed, and the rest of the city . . . wasn’t.  It’s a brilliant way of showing the amount of space we devote to each use. How would Minneapolis look rendered in such a...
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