May 19, 2010

Minneapolis’ Great Lawn

No Celebrities — or Crowds OK, so the buildings ringing it are only 5 to 10 stories tall, not 50 to 60 stories — and none of them are famous (unless you count the Calhoun Beach Club). And you won’t see any celebrities throwing Frisbees or otherwise kicking back. But Minneapolis’ equivalent of Central Park’s...
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BIG Edina Discount

Great Value Overlooking Lake Edina Where: 4904 Poppy Lane in Edina What: 4 BR/3BA walkout rambler with 4,200 FSF and pool overlooking Lake Edina How (much): $699k Who: listed by Steve Stewart; broker is Edina Realty Historically, homes in Edina enjoyed some of the best appreciation in the Twin Cities — and weathered economic downturns...
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15 vs. 30 yr. Mortgages

Deciding Rationally — or Realistically I don’t usually advise clients which mortgage is best for them; that depends on their financial circumstances, time horizon, credit scores, etc. However, if clients ask, I will serve as a backstop for advice they’re getting elsewhere (like from their financial advisors). And I always encourage clients to get a...
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