Calhoun Village

Bye, Bye Tryg’s! (At Least For Now)

New 6-Story, 164 Unit Apartment Building Just Northwest of Lake Calhoun My interest in the new Tryg’s – Trammel Crow development on West Lake Street is as much personal as it is professional (I live nearby). That said, I was under the impression that the restaurant was to be incorporated into the project (photo above). If...
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Makeshift Memorial in Front of Calhoun Village

Pedestrian Accident Aftermath Heading east near Lake Calhoun last Wednesday evening, I was sure that I was witnessing the aftermath of a high-speed chase, or perhaps a robbery:  squad cars everywhere, acres of yellow police tape cordoning off side streets, traffic backed up in every direction for blocks. It turns out that what had just...
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(Sub)Divide and Conquer

Can’t Sell It?  Sub-Divide It! As has been painfully noisily clear the last week or so, the landlord’s solution to filling the hard-to-lease retail space — directly below the Edina Realty – City Lakes office in Calhoun Village — has been to subdivide it. So, instead of the 3,000 square foot-plus space formerly occupied by Hollywood...
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(City Lakes) Realtor Stress Relief

Changing Tenant Mix @ Calhoun Village I’m not expressing a personal preference, or examining the broader economic ramifications. But I do find the changing tenant mix in Calhoun Village, where the Edina Realty City Lakes office is located, to be interesting — and telling. Gone: a video store and liquor store. In their place: a...
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