94 Lakefront Homes in Twin Cities from $289.9k to $14.895 Million(!) (See Above & Below)

Almost 1,000(!) Twin Cities Lakes OK, so a home on Minneapolis’ tony Lake of the Isles is going to cost a teensy bit more than one on say, Grass Lake in South Minneapolis (never mind the property taxes). 🙂 But, with 13 lakes within its borders, Minneapolis offers a range of lakefront homes, both style-wise...
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The $10,000 Cedar Lake Cabin (But, Good Luck Buying it For That)

Hennepin County:  “Land Value $164,800; Building Value $9,700” Number of Bedrooms:  0. –MLS Test your knowledge of today’s Twin Cities housing market, and guess how much this Spartan-looking, 400 square foot cabin in South Minneapolis is listed for: A. $89k B. $149k C. $249k D. $299k Before I give the answer, here are a couple...
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“True Minnesotan,” Defined

“Cold Enough For ‘Ya?,” or “Go West North, Young Man” I’m sure that other people have their own preferred definitions of what constitutes a “true Minnesotan” (growing up knowing how to sheetrock?  Ice skating before you could walk?), but here’s mine: “A true Minnesotan is someone who heads north, not south whenever they have vacation...
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