February 6, 2016

The Case for Raising the Minimum Wage? Complicated. Setting a “Maximum Wage?” Simple

Risk of Unintended Consequences At least to economists, the question of whether the minimum wage should be increased — and by a lot, as many on the political left advocate — is tricky. In a perfect world, the higher the minimum wage — hell, all wages — the better:  higher pay = more disposable income...
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“True Minnesotan,” Defined

“Cold Enough For ‘Ya?,” or “Go West North, Young Man” I’m sure that other people have their own preferred definitions of what constitutes a “true Minnesotan” (growing up knowing how to sheetrock?  Ice skating before you could walk?), but here’s mine: “A true Minnesotan is someone who heads north, not south whenever they have vacation...
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“You Take the Cake!” (& Other Ruined Expressions)

“No, Really:  Bring . . the . . Cake!” Thanks to popular culture, some perfectly innocuous phrases have been ruined. To pick just one example, my 13 year-old son and I were bringing his birthday cake, ice cream, etc. to the party room where we were hosting his friends the other weekend. My hands were...
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