Buyer objection

The “Can-You-See-the-Kids-From-the Kitchen” Test

Stealth Objection (Deal Breaker?) for Home Buyers With Small Kids It’s not a field on MLS (yet), but maybe it should be: whether you can see the kids in the backyard from the Kitchen. That criterion isn’t important for every Buyer, but for the ones it is . . . it can be huge. At least in my...
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The Art of Saying Nothing: Realtors vs. CPA’s

“This side appears to be brown.” –What a CPA says, when asked the color of a horse standing in a pasture 50 feet away. “Buyer no longer interested in property.” –Buyer’s agent explaining why they canceled a showing. CPA’s (I used to be) and Realtors (what I’ve been for 16 years) are equally adept at...
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“Bait-and-DON’T Switch”: Should Home Sellers Disclose That There’s No Basement?

Is That, “No Finished Square Feet in Lower Level?” or, “There’s NO LOWER LEVEL . . . AT ALL?!?” “If your parents don’t have kids . . . you won’t either.” –Anonymous “If your listing doesn’t get showings . . . you won’t get offers, either.” –Real estate corollary, Ross Kaplan [Editor’s Note:  The views expressed...
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Realtor to Client: ‘Don’t Think of It as $10,000. Think of It as $40/month”

(Too) Affordable Monthly Payments One of the best ways to deal with (financial) objections is to whittle them down to size. As salespeople know, there’s no better way to make a big(ger) number seem smaller than to shrink it into monthly payments. So, that extra $10,000 you might have to pay to get a house now...
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That Garage is HOW BIG?!? — Take 2

Real Estate Photography 101 Buyers will find out soon enough that this cute Longfellow (Minneapolis) home only has a one-car garage. But, the combination of the (head-on) angle and the bright red color make it rather inescapable. Marketing Strategy? I don’t agree with it in this case, but there IS a school of thought that says...
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The Ultimate Counter to Buyer Objections

The cute two-story Linden Hills (Minneapolis) home I saw on tour this Tuesday certainly had its charms:  good curb appeal, updated Kitchen, nice backyard. But, there were plenty of negatives as well, starting with low overhead upstairs — I doubt much over 7′, the legal minimum for finished square feet; the three upper level Bedrooms were...
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