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Realtor Beware: The TOO Effusive “Thank You”

Too Much of a Good Thing? “As I am smoking . . . I don’t expect to be thanked.” –What John Hurt’s character — in “Love and Death on Long Island” (1997) — says to the cab driver, when the latter points to the cab’s “Thank You For Not Smoking” sign, and asks Hurt to extinguish his cigarette. Who doesn’t want...
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“The Motivated Buyer”

Counterpart to The Motivated Seller “I have a buyer coming to town and we will be buying a home for them, next Tuesday/Wednesday.” –Realtor “broadcast” email, describing the Buyer’s price range, desired home criteria, geographic preference, etc. When you think about the housing market and motivation, most people think about Seller motivation. “Why are they...
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Putting Your (Colleagues’ Business) Cards on the Table

Three Days on the Market vs. Three Months I don’t know about other Realtors, but my policy as a listing agent (representing Sellers) is to counsel that they leave Realtors’ business cards out the first few days their home is on the market (protocol is for agents who come through the Broker Open or do a private...
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Are Buying, Selling Contagious?

Comparing Notes Quick, what is one of the best predictors that someone is ready to buy a home: A. They just got a promotion. B. They just got engaged. C. Their family got bigger (they had another child). D. Their best friend (or sibling or colleague) just bought a home. Answer:  all of the above,...
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Disclosing Multiple Offers: Pros & Cons

Identifying “Runners-Up” Buyers If you’ve been reading real estate blogs lately — this one and others — no doubt you’ve seen more discussion of multiple offers. That’s because, in a market with much lower inventory, we Realtors are seeing a lot more of them these days. In that vein, this post is about the pros and...
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Mum’s the Word on (Buyer) Motivation

Miranda Warning — Real Estate Version As required by the Miranda warning, police making an arrest must tell the person in custody, prior to interrogation, that they have the right to remain silent, and that anything they say will be used against them in court. Minus the explicit warning (and the courtroom), the same thing applies in...
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