bad news

The Bad News About “I’ve Got Good News & Bad News”

Slim Silver Linings Call me a slow learner (at least on this one). But, I just figured out that — when someone says, “I’ve got some good news and I’ve got some bad news” — the bad news is always way worse than the good news is good. No? P.S.:  Good agents deliver good news...
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Pros and Cons of Relo(cation) Buyers for Home Sellers

The Relocation Fire Drill, or, “The Turbo-Charged Home Search” Relocation Buyers — often serial corporate transferees — present both opportunities and challenges for Sellers. First, the bad news:  such Buyers typically look at LOTS of homes, across a wide range of neighborhoods and home styles. That’s because they don’t know the local community well or...
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Good & Bad Weather News

Define, “Winter” The bad news:   Twin Cities meteorologists are forecasting plowable snow and temps in the single(!) digits next week — six weeks before Winter “officially” begins. The good news:  it’s not Thanksgiving week, when millions of people are traveling.
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“Top Ten” Most Skippable Stories — Summer, 2013 Edition

Increase Your Free Time, Lower Your Blood Pressure Want to get through The Sunday New York Times — or any news publication, online or off — in half the time the next few months? Skip the following “non-story” stories: 10.  Who’s leading in the pre-pre-pre polls for the 2016 Democratic and Republican nominations (aren’t you...
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