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Twin Cities Home Buyers This Spring/Last Winter About to Find Out if Their A/C Works

“Undetectable Pre-Existing Condition” With the first 90º day forecast this season (tomorrow, in fact), Twin Cities homeowners will soon know if their central a/c works. That includes recent home buyers, who purchased earlier this year when chilly local temps (who’da thunk?) prevented testing their units. Fortunately, Buyers who negotiated for their Seller to include a home warranty — or...
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“It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a . . . A/C Unit Outside a 2nd Floor Window(?!?)”

I’ve seen plenty of A/C compressors in attics. What’s not so common is seeing one mounted outside a 2nd floor window. What’s going on? Without knowing specifics, you can surmise a couple things: –It’s an older home — in this case, a 1928 Tudor — that was built without central a/c. –The original heating system...
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Economic Winners — Summer 2011 Edition

The Half-Full Glass Yes, Amazonian heat and humidity — plus record-setting downpours — are taking a toll on Twin Citians this Summer (nice alliteration, huh?). So, who has this weather been especially kind to? Here’s my list: –Local dry cleaners (no chance of wearing my dress shirts more than one day in this heat and humidity); –Retailers selling...
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