July 22, 2011

“Fabrice Tourre Did It!”

I’m sure that’s what the Murdochs’ hoped-for alibi was when the phone-hacking scandal first broke about two weeks ago. Namely, find some underling to pin it on, then swear on a stack of bibles that said underling was a “rogue” who acted independently. Just two small problems: 1) Tourre works for Goldman Sachs (or did); and 2) The...
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Economic Winners — Summer 2011 Edition

The Half-Full Glass Yes, Amazonian heat and humidity — plus record-setting downpours — are taking a toll on Twin Citians this Summer (nice alliteration, huh?). So, who has this weather been especially kind to? Here’s my list: –Local dry cleaners (no chance of wearing my dress shirts more than one day in this heat and humidity); –Retailers selling...
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Touting “Name-Brand” Homes

Realtor Name-Dropping After almost a decade attending Edina Realty “Exceptional Properties” meetings — held weekly at an upper bracket Twin Cities home — I figure I’ve now heard my colleagues sing the praises of something like 2,000 homes, cumulatively worth a cool $3 billion or so (and have pitched a few of my own listings at such meetings). And yet, I...
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