Agent Remarks

“Watch This Space”: “Agent Remarks” in the Age of Multiple Offers

Overwhelmed Listing Agents Improvise to Communicate with Buyers’ Agents Once upon a time, the “Agent Remarks” field on MLS was used to supplement the marketing verbiage in the “Public Remarks” field.** That is, if it was used at all — listing agents (representing Sellers) often simply copied-and-pasted their Public Remarks into Agent Remarks. Now? Especially...
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Seller’s Market Sign #23: Announcing the Homeowner’s Preferred Closing Date, Possession Terms on MLS

Ideal closing date would be June 2 with 24 hour possession.” –“Agent Remarks” field for a new listing on MLS (April 9, 2021). Put it this way: at the depths of the Housing Bust (actually, a double-bottom) more than a decade ago, Sellers were thrilled simply to get an offer. Never mind a good one,...
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How to Spot Bad Electricians — and Realtors — in Less Than 2 Seconds

The Business Card Test Well, the really bad ones  . . . are dead.” –Master electrician, explaining how consumers can tell the difference(s) between electricians. Fortunately, being bad at real estate sales isn’t life-threatening. Subpar Realtors simply tend not to make a living at it, and drop out. Perhaps that’s why something like 90% of...
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Days on Market: One (Two-Thirds of a Day??).** Number of Showings: 50+(!)

Just Listed: 2905 Princeton Ave. South in Fern Hill You might think a high(!) temperature today of 2° — never mind the windchill — would have a, umm . . . chilling effect on the Twin Cities housing market.🙂 Nope. As of late this afternoon, newly-listed 2905 Princeton Avenue South in St. Louis Park’s Fern...
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“Back on the Market” . . . Why Exactly?!?

Putting a (Too) Good Face on Things?  It’s a fact of (real estate) life: sales fall through. Buyers change their minds. Inspection issues come up. Buyers can’t get financing** (the honest explanation at least 80% of the time). When any of those (or other) unhappy events occur, listing agents have the demoralizing task of switching...
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“Not a Flip,” Deciphered

Tackling the Big Stuff ” or Just Cosmetics? Occasionally, I see a listing agent who takes pains to assure Buyers’ agents in the “Agent Remarks” field on MLS (seen only by Realtors) that the home “is not a flip.” What’s going on? The listing agent (representing the Seller) wants Buyers to know that the home...
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