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Movie Review: “The Trial of The Chicago Seven”

Will “Borat” (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) Be Nominated for an Oscar?? Five Oscars. Eight Emmy’s. Nine Golden Globes. Seven Tony awards. That’s the collective haul by the cast and writer of Netflix’s just released, “The Trial of The Chicago Seven.” Besides the stellar acting, the dialogue — especially the courtroom scenes — is riveting. In...
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“The Revenant” Movie Review: Is Physical Suffering Acting?

“The Game of Thrones” Look If stoically braving the elements for months on end qualified someone for an acting award, then half the state of Minnesota — at least in a typical winter — should be up for an Oscar.   🙂 But, assuming that such suffering only counts when it’s in the service of...
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Movie Review: Bryan Cranston as Dalton Trumbo

“EGOT”** Minus the “G” “In “Trumbo,” an ill-conceived take on one of the most famous targets of the Hollywood blacklist, the writer Dalton Trumbo clenches a cigarette holder that juts in the air like a sword . . . Part biopic, part historical gloss, “Trumbo” tells a great-man story with a patchwork of fact and...
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Review: Netflix’s “House of Cards” — Season 2

Sharing a . . . . um, Cigarette in the Shadows [Editor’s Note: The new season of Netflix’s House of Cards was just released on Friday, and I’m happy to report that round #2 — or at least the first 4 episodes — are every bit as good as season #1.  It’s almost impossible to discuss...
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Colin Firth’s Ultimate Acting Test

Want to know if Colin Firth — nominated for a “Best Actor” Oscar for “The King’s Speech” — is truly a great actor? Given his status as the runaway favorite, here’s my criterion:  it’s whether he can convince the audience and viewers that he’s actually surprised if he wins tonight. (And yes, he delivers a...
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