Will “Borat” (aka Sacha Baron Cohen) Be Nominated for an Oscar??

Five Oscars. Eight Emmy’s. Nine Golden Globes. Seven Tony awards.

That’s the collective haul by the cast and writer of Netflix’s just released, “The Trial of The Chicago Seven.”

Besides the stellar acting, the dialogue — especially the courtroom scenes — is riveting.

In other words, just what you’d expect from writer and director Aaron Sorkin.

The scene I liked best: former Attorney General Ramsey Clark (Michael Keaton), testifying on the witness stand:

Kunstler (Defense Attorney): “Will you state what President Johnson said to you and what was said to him?”
Prosecutor: “Your Honor, at this point, we will object. A cabinet officer does not have to, and should not have to relate the contents of a private call he had with the President.”
Judge: “I’ll sustain the objection.”
Kunstler: “I thought objections were reserved.”
Judge: “There’s a question of attorney-client privilege to consider.”
Ramsey Clark: “The President isn’t a client of the Attorney General.”
Judge: “Excuse me, sir.”
Ramsey Clark: “The President isn’t a client of the Attorney General . . . I’m happy to answer.”

Bill Barr, I’ve got a movie for you to watch . . .

P.S.: Here’s guessing that the film’s principals will add a clutch of new acting trophies after the next awards season (whenever that is).

My candidates: Sacha Baron Cohen (best known as “Borat”) for his role as Abbie Hoffman; Rylance for his portrayal of defense attorney William Kunstler; Langella for his turn as Judge Julius Hoffman; and Sorkin for writing everything.

See also, “Best Supporting Actor 2016: Mark Rylance in “Bridge of Spies”.

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