4200 Basswood Road

Updates & Additions: Will the Neighborhood Support it?

  Want to Be Ready for Spring, 2012?  Start Now One of the questions that can come up when you list a home that needs significant updating is, “If we buy this home and put $50k — or $250k — into it, will we overshoot values on the block?” Fortunately, when a $1 million-plus new...
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Virtual Staging, Installment #4

4200 Basswood Road in Fern Hill As promised, this post features the fourth (and final) virtually staged photo at my new listing in Fern Hill. The photo above shows the deck fully furnished — courtesy of what’s called “virtual staging”; the photo below is how the deck looks now. Left out of both photos:  the...
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Virtual Staging, Take 3

4200 Basswood Open 1-3 p.m Today! Charles Dickens famously published his novels in London magazines in serial form (the pace of installments reportedly accelerated whenever he was broke). In that spirit (minus the financial motivation), I’m offering the third installment of virtual staging at 4200 Basswood Road, just west of Cedar Lake in St. Louis...
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Virtual Staging, Take 2

4200 Basswood:  After (Above) and Before (Below) Perhaps the best application for virtual staging is a big, empty room – albeit one with unlimited potential. Like the Amusement Room in my new listing at 4200 Basswood Road, just west of Cedar Lake (see also, “Unmatched Potential!”). With over 1,100(!) square feet, a potential second Kitchen, a...
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