2018 housing market

2018 Housing Market, Late Summer Snapshot

The Mindset of Buyers, Sellers, and Their Agents . . . in Three Words Want a 3-word summary of the current state of the housing market and people’s mindset? Here’s mine by category: Buyers: “Wary.”  Not all but many Buyers now are nervous about what they perceive to be elevated housing prices — and what comes next....
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“Sort-of-Shadow” Inventory & The 2018 Housing Market

A decade ago, housing experts warned — incorrectly, it turns out — of a Tsunami of “shadow” inventory waiting to flood the then-moribund housing market, and drag prices still lower.  See, “Barry Ritholtz Issues Mea Culpa on Housing.” The source of all those homes? Banks sitting on millions of foreclosures nationally. Fortunately, it never happened: banks bundled...
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2018 Housing Market Predictions: Key Qualifier = “Could”

“Hot Housing Market Could Cool Off in 2018” –USA Today headline (12/28/17). Long-time readers of this blog know that I put very little credence in supposed experts’ predictions (or anyone else’s, for that matter 🙂 ).** Whenever I see a headline like the one in USA Today this morning, I’m reminded of a colleague’s long-ago...
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