July 5, 2018

“Sort-of-Shadow” Inventory & The 2018 Housing Market

A decade ago, housing experts warned — incorrectly, it turns out — of a Tsunami of “shadow” inventory waiting to flood the then-moribund housing market, and drag prices still lower.  See, “Barry Ritholtz Issues Mea Culpa on Housing.” The source of all those homes? Banks sitting on millions of foreclosures nationally. Fortunately, it never happened: banks bundled...
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Rating Realtors: Why “Average Days on Market” Can Be Misleading

Lies, Damn Lies, and Realtor Statistics It seems straightforward:  if you’re looking for the best Realtor, just find the local agent who sells the most homes, for the highest % of asking price, in the least amount of time. Simple, huh? According to at least one pro, however (this one), such statistics are at best a...
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Which “Done” Did They Mean??

“So Done” vs. “Are You Done Yet?” For an unassuming four letter word, “done” sure has a lot of different connotations. I count at least eight (below), including two meanings ” one good, one bad ” popular in residential real estate. One.  To perfection.  Example:  “That house is done.  It’s not staged like a spec house.”...
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