The Fed’s Theme Song (Still): “Saved by Zero”

Janet Yellen Playing Ben Bernanke’s Favorite Tune Maybe, someday Saved by zero I’ll be more together Stretched by fewer Thoughts that leave me Chasing after My dreams disown me Loaded with danger Maybe I’ll win Saved by Zero Holding onto Words that teach me I will conquer Space around me Maybe I’ll win Saved by...
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Early 2015 Housing Market Captured in Six Arrows (Huh?)

Hungry Twin Cities Buyers Face Limited Inventory Want to know what’s going on in the Twin Cities housing market now in a nutshell? It’s all in the arrows: Employment/Job Growth:  ↑ Housing Inventory (Listings):  ↓ Showings:  ↑ Mortgage Rates: ↓ Mortgage Applications:  ↑ Rents:  ↑ Net it all out, and what emerges is a picture of...
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When to Interview Realtors for 2015? Now!

Getting a Head Start Getting Used to “2015” Once upon a time, before I was a Realtor — and personal checks were actually handwritten — it was a couple of days into January before I started using the “new” New Year (and invariably got the date a wrong for a few weeks after that). Now, I...
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