2011 Edina Realty Annual Meeting

“They really, really like . . . their colleagues”

Edina Realty’s “Emmy” Awards No, no one gushed that “you like me, you really, really like me” when they received an Edina Realty “Emmy” award this year (the company’s equivalent of the Oscar, named in honor of company founder Emma Rovick and awarded to one Realtor and one (salaried) employee annually). Instead, what I heard was that...
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“Facebook,” Edina Realty-Style

Management Rallies the Troops In keeping with the theme of this year’s annual meeting (“We Lead Because You Lead”), the opening sequence this morning consisted of a montage of Edina Realty agents — all 2,300 of us!  (and yes, I caught a glimpse of myself). I don’t know if it was the catchy score, or the fact that I knew...
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