January 21, 2011

Realtors’ “Crying Wolf” Problem

Is “Now the Time to Buy?” Discretion is the better part of valour. –Idiom Yes, interest rates are scraping along the bottom of multi-decade lows. And yes, home prices are down dramatically — and Buyers have never had more choices. Unfortunately, all those things were just as true in 2008 as they are now. And...
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The Science (& Art) of Price Opinions

Cedar Lake Price Opinion As a professional courtesy, I will occasionally ask other agents to give me a price opinion on an upcoming listing. And they’ll ask me for the same. So,  I made a quick trip over to Cedar Lake earlier this week to offer my proverbial two cents on another agent’s upcoming listing. Elasticity...
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“They really, really like . . . their colleagues”

Edina Realty’s “Emmy” Awards No, no one gushed that “you like me, you really, really like me” when they received an Edina Realty “Emmy” award this year (the company’s equivalent of the Oscar, named in honor of company founder Emma Rovick and awarded to one Realtor and one (salaried) employee annually). Instead, what I heard was that...
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