2010 Housing market

Identifying with Cy Young Pitcher Felix Hernandez

2010 Year in Review — Realtor’s Version Looking back over 2010, a lot of Realtors had years like Felix Hernandez — minus the accolades. Felix who? Felix Hernandez is the Seattle Mariners’ pitcher who just won the AL Cy Young award, despite only having a measly 13 wins (he also had 232 strikeouts and a...
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Contrarian Indicators — Housing Market Edition

“The Death of the Housing Market?” “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” –Mark Twain It’s hard to be a student of markets without some passing familiarity with so-called contrarian indicators: those harbingers that signal that a market is at an inflection point, presenting investors with a singular opportunity. That opportunity can either be...
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New vs. Existing Housing

“How’s the Housing Market?” — Vol. 27 “Where” (location) is certainly one of the key qualifiers for anyone seeking to divine the health and direction of the housing market. But so is “what?” — as in “what kind of housing?” In the housing market, the key distinction is between existing and new housing. Conflicting Signals...
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Home Buyer Tax Credits — The Sequel

What Happens May 1 (and Beyond)? The word amongst Realtors is that the tax credits for home Buyers — $8,000 for first-time Buyers, $6,500 for move-up — is a dud. Unlike the first round of incentives which expired Nov. 30, the sequel — scheduled to expire April 30 — does not appear to be catalyzing...
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Today’s Sellers: Biting Two Bullets

Two Bullets Would-be Sellers of upper brackets homes now — the slowest part of today’s housing market — often have to bite not one but two bullets. The first is pricing their home consistently with “the comp’s”: similar, nearby homes that have sold recently. In fact, better than the comp’s, depending on what’s currently active...
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"The Trader Joe’s" Housing Market

Ready to Eat — er, Move Into — Homes Call it “The Trader Joe’s” Housing Market (or more accurately, the “middle-aisle-at-Trader Joe’s” housing market). That’s where the ready-to-eat, frozen meals are stocked. Not only are they attractively packaged, the right number of servings (4-6), and good quality — but they’re great values, too. Similarly, homes...
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