2 story

Question: When is a 1.5 Story Not a 1.5 Story?

Answer:  When It’s Listed on MLS as a 2-Story I don’t come across it that often, but I do come across it:  a home listed on MLS that’s miscategorized for “Style.” Invariably, one of two things is going on:  1) an inexperienced agent didn’t know the difference; or 2) a very experienced knew exactly what...
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Housing Styles, Digitally

“Whole” vs. “Fractional” Floors Homes have half-Baths; why not half-floors? Or multiple half-floors? Functionally, that’s exactly what a Split-Level is. Ramblers & Two-Stories Of course, the easier cases are ramblers and two-stories. Digitally, a rambler with a finished basement would be expressed as “+1.0; -1.0” for the first floor and lower level, respectively. A two-story with...
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2-Story Home Listed as 1.5 Story

“Man Bites Dog” — Real Estate Version, or Realtor Fish Stories I literally can’t count how many times I’ve seen a 1.2 story home billed as a 1.5 story on MLS (trust me, if you’re over 5′ 4″, the difference is significant).  See, “When is a 1.5 Story Not a 1.5 Story?”   And sometimes, I’ve...
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