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Home Buyer’s Final Walk-Through Inspection

Five-Step Checklist One of the last steps before closing — in fact, sometimes done on the way to closing* — is the Buyer’s walk-thru. To my mind, at least, the Buyer’s walk-thru has these five goals: One. Determine that there’s been no change in the home’s condition since the Inspection Contingency was removed. What can...
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Housing Market’s Slowest Week of the Year? Not for Photographers

Suddenly Unfashionable on MLS: Fall (Brown) Photos Thanks(?) to a just-in-time blizzard, the Twin Cities enjoyed a white Christmas this year. What’s next? For most local Realtors the next week or so,** not much: the interval between Christmas and New Year’s is reliably one of the slowest of the year. So, who’s busy now (or...
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“Now You DON’T See It . . . Now You Do”

Smart Landscaping, or, “What a Difference Two Months Make!” The “it” in question would be the home ” make that homes ” at 2545 Huntington in St. Louis Park’s Fern Hill neighborhood, sitting at the northeast corner of Huntington and 26th St. In the top photo, the row of deciduous trees (vs. evergreen) provide a...
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“Please Confirm You Received My Email?”: When Is That Request Appropriate? (Hint: not very often)

Realtor Email Etiquette: “Do’s and “Don’ts How do you effectively double the already large number of emails between two Realtors working on a transaction together? Have one explicitly request that the other acknowledge receipt of each and every email they send. Yup, I’ve run into agents who subscribe to that annoying practice. Which is why...
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