February 26, 2021

Quick! What Shape is an “American Foursquare?”

Bonus Question: What Exactly is “Square” About It? It would certainly be logical to guess that an “American Foursquare” home is, well . . . square (its foundation, at least). Nope — they’re usually rectangular. Specifically, the typical profile is slightly narrower on the sides, and deeper front-to-back. That shape better fits standard city lots...
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How Do You Spell “Ice Dam?” (Hint: the “N” is Silent)

How do you spell “ice dam?” I know more than a few local homeowners filling out their Seller Disclosure now — or maybe just bad spellers — who are tempted to add an “n.” And if you had one this past Winter, you’d better disclose it. Either that, or hope that: a) the Buyer’s inspector...
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