October 9, 2020

The Multiple Meanings of “Blow Out” (Fingers Crossed About #3)

“Top 10 12(!)” Definitions One. A large or lavish meal or social gathering (remember those, pre-pandemic??). “Sarah & Fred’s 50th anniversary party was an absolute blow out!” Two. An event at which goods are sold at heavily discounted prices. Clothing store: “Our Halloween blowout sale has hundreds of items starting at under $10!!” Three. A lopsided...
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How Long Should a Listing Contract Be?

Realtors’ Investment: Skill, Time, & Marketing $$$ How long should a listing contract be? The short answer: “long enough to sell the property being listed.” How long that is ” assuming that the home is well-priced, staged, and marketed ” is typically a function of price. Under $250k in the Twin Cities today, you’d estimate...
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