June 5, 2018

Cutthroat Culture? Not at Minneapolis’ Southwest High School

I don’t know about my just-graduated son, but as a parent, one of the things I liked most about Minneapolis’ Southwest High School was the supportive, collaborative culture. Exhibit A:  this past Winter, when my son and several classmates had their local alumni interview for a certain Ivy League school at a Linden Hills coffee shop. Unbeknownst(?) to...
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“Who Ya Gonna Call?” Home Buyers Who Waive Arbitration, Sellers Who Do Their Own Inspection Repairs

DIY Home Buyers & Sellers The vast majority of Minnesota home Buyers and Sellers elect to settle any post-closing disputes thru arbitration rather than litigation. The explanation? It’s considered faster and cheaper. The occasional exception:  Buyers who are lawyers, are related to lawyers, or otherwise think they can procure the required legal services at a...
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