May 20, 2018

Parrying Home Sellers Who Want Prints Ads (and Lots of ‘Em)

No Takers (at least, not yet) It’s certainly an understandable request from a frustrated homeowner whose home isn’t selling:  spend more on print advertising, specifically ads in local or even national publications. Unfortunately, veteran Realtors know — even if their clients don’t — that that’s not how homes are sold these days (the local MLS, search...
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Realtors Who “Eat Their Own Cooking”

When the Realtor REALLY IS a “Neighborhood Expert” In finance, “eating your own cooking” means that the investment advisor has their own money in the same kinds of investments that they recommend to their clients. So, what’s the Realtor definition of “eating your own cooking?” Here’s mine: a Buyer’s agent who recommends a neighborhood or condo building...
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WSJ: “Who Killed the Deal to Sell Your House? It Was an Inside Job”

Flies Tenants, Honey, & Vinegar “A home sale can have many potential deal killers. Emotions can run high. There can be hidden agendas. From tenants who don’t want to move to the child who doesn’t want to see the family home sold, third-party players can block or undo a transaction. For agents, it can mean...
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