April 11, 2018

Double-Edged Sword: the Correlation Between Wealth, Seller Motivation

Rounding Errors Is a rich Seller a less motivated Seller? After all, to a billionaire, what difference does it make if their oceanside estate fetches $21 million or $17 million or $23 million? Can you say, “rounding error?” Certainly, that describes the mindset of some affluent homeowners (ditto for very large estates). However, all that...
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“Free CMA’s! Git “Yer Free CMA’s!”

Home Price = Moving (and Influenceable) Target “Those who know, don’t talk; and those who talk, don’t know.” —stock market saying. What’s true in the stock market is also true in real estate. Namely, the value of what Realtors call a “Comparative Market Analysis” (“CMA”) that can be had for free is . . . about...
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