November 18, 2017

Canine Driver Caption Competition

“Driving Miss Daisy” This shot (taken near Southwest High School the other week) practically begs for a caption. Pick your favorite from the list below: “If Uber doesn’t start paying better, I’m switching to Lyft . . .” “What did you expect? I can’t reach the pedals in a fire engine.” “Hey, buddy!  I did,...
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“Amazon Prime” Deals: Books, Music, Clothes, Thanksgiving Turkey (Thanksgiving Turkey?!?)

Two-Tiered Pricing, or, “The ‘Annual Membership’ Business Model” To the long list of consumer goods offered at a discount to Amazon Prime members, add one more:  Thanksgiving turkey at newly-acquired Whole Foods. Sound familiar? It should. Training shoppers to pay an annuity-like annual (membership) fee is the business model of competitor Costco. See also, “Conversion...
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New Color: “River Road Red”

I’ve certainly seen metal and fiberglass roofs before (from the street, it wasn’t possible to tell which it was). But, I don’t recall ever seeing a roof quite so . . . red. Somehow, “lipstick red”, “crimson red,” or “ruby red” just don’t seem to describe it. I’m going to go with “West River Road...
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