September 1, 2016

Listing Agent: “A Few Interested Parties Are Circling, But No Offers Are in Hand at This Time”

Is There REALLY Other Buyer Interest? The Buyer’s agent submitted a request to show a home to their client, and — along with the confirmation — received the “heads up” (above) about the home’s status from the listing agent (representing the Seller). How do you know whether:  a) it’s a bluff — that is, there’s...
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“So, THAT’S How Plumbers Take Notes . . .”

Getting a Main Sewer Colonoscopy Ever want to know how plumbers — or in this case, the contractor checking out a home’s main sewer line — take notes? By writing with a Sharpie pen on a plastic glove. The contractor — Ron the Sewer Rat — has worked for several Buyer clients just this Summer...
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