October 21, 2015

House Within a House: 7049 Boyd in Eden Prairie

“Double-Envelope” Construction Winter-savvy Minnesotans know that the key to keeping warm when the wind chill is -20° below is layering. Does the same principle apply to homes? “You betcha!” (as the locals are fond of saying). 3 BR/3 Bath Split-Level With 3,585 FSF The surprisingly spacious Eden Prairie split-level pictured above features “double-envelope” construction that...
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“Good Fences Make Good Neighbors” (But More So in the City)

Quick!  Guess where neighbors are likelier to have boundary disputes, typically involving the location of a fence? In the high-density city, where homes are close(r) to together, or in the relatively wide-open ‘burbs? Wrong:  it’s the ‘burbs. At least, that’s according to two different fence contractors I worked with recently, both of whom said that...
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