“Double-Envelope” Construction

Winter-savvy Minnesotans know that the key to keeping warm when the wind chill is -20° below is layering.

Does the same principle apply to homes?

“You betcha!” (as the locals are fond of saying).

3 BR/3 Bath Split-Level With 3,585 FSF

The surprisingly spacious Eden Prairie split-level pictured above features “double-envelope” construction that maximizes energy savings through a combination of passive solar and geothermal heating:

“Such a building is actually a house within a house.  The exterior shell is load-bearing, and generally has a minimum of R-19 insulation.  Between the outer and inner skins lies an air space (usually a foot wide) which extends from the east to the west end of the house along the roof line and the north wall.  The inner wall is generally thinner — since the small temperature difference between the building’s interior and the air space requires less insulation — and supports only the structure of the living space.”

–“The Double-Envelope House”; Mother Earth News

Oh!  And there’s an entry air lock, too.

Vicki McGinty in the Edina Realty – City Lakes office has the listing; price is $339k.

P.S.:  former Senator Rod Grams built the home.

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