September 24, 2015

Real Estate Marketing 101: When to Acknowledge a Home Needs Updating — & When Not To

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder Buyer When should a listing agent (representing the Seller) explicitly market that a home “needs cosmetic updates” (or the equivalent)? Less often than you might guess. Here are my three reasons why: One.  The pictures tell the story. Most MLS’s allow 18 photos; websites like effectively allow...
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Demonizing Photos: Exhibit A

Maybe the Devil Made Him Do It How do you demonize someone with a photo? The one above, of Towers Watson CEO John Haley, does a pretty good job. The accompanying story in the Wall Street Journal discusses Haley’s (very) well-timed sale of company shares, prior to the announcement of a merger. “Hook ’em Horns?”...
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What’s Between a First and Second Showing?

“Showing 1.5” What’s a “1.5 showing?” When one partner in a couple has seen the house and likes it, and gives their partner a green light to take a look. Rules & Exceptions As a general rule, Realtors acting as a Buyer’s agent prefer that both (all**) decision-makers be present at all showings. That’s not only...
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