Devil horns

Maybe the Devil Made Him Do It

How do you demonize someone with a photo?

Towers WatsonThe one above, of Towers Watson CEO John Haley, does a pretty good job.

The accompanying story in the Wall Street Journal discusses Haley’s (very) well-timed sale of company shares, prior to the announcement of a merger.

“Hook ’em Horns?” ¬†Nope¬†

It turns out the company’s logo is a combined “T” and “W.”

If you obscure the middle, “hump” part of the “W” — in this case, with Mr. Haley’s head — you get what appear to be horns in the background, with only the “T” still clearly visible in the upper left.

Unfortunately for Mr. Haley, the company is based in New York, not Texas (the logo for the University of Texas Longhorns is also orange, not red).

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