August 29, 2015

Will Hillary Stop By the State Fair Today?

“When in Rome Minnesota Close to Labor Day . . . ”  Sure, Iowa has the nation’s first primary. But, neighboring Minnesota has 10 electoral votes vs. Iowa’s measly 6. Plus, Minnesota’s state fair draws almost twice the people that Iowa’s does (1.8 million vs. 1 million). So, maybe Hillary Clinton — already in town for...
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Listing Agent: “Long listing period is due to former tenant’s unwillingness to allow showings”

So THAT’S Why It’s Been For Sale Forever (Maybe) As I tell clients, the “good stuff” on MLS is invariably buried in the “Agent Remarks” field — which consumers can’t see — rather than the “Public Remarks” field, which they can. Even so, I can’t previously recall a listing agent trying to defuse a VERY...
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What Makes a Movie Bad? It Depends How Old You Are

Marvel’s “Fantastic Four” Goes 0-for-3 There’s not just one definition of a bad movie, there are several, age-dependent ones. Or if you prefer, “multi-generational” definitions. At least in my family, here they are: 12 year-old son:  cheesy special effects. Me (mid-50’s):  convoluted (or no) plot; poor acting. Father-in-law (mid-80’s):  can’t nap during film (too loud)....
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