October 17, 2014

True or False: “Expired Listings Aren’t Useful in Establishing Fair Market Value”

The Value of Contrary Information About all I remember from my one college statistics course is something called “the coefficient of correlation.” Ranging from “+1” to “-1,” it indicates how predictive/associated one variable is with another. Which leads to some counterintuitive insights. Such as (as the Statistics professor noted), if you’re picking investment advisors, the ideal is someone whose stock picks are always right...
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The Most Important Closing Detail of All

Pre-Closing Checklist Test your mastery of real estate minutiae, and answer the following multiple choice question: What’s the last (if not most important) pre-closing detail to get right? A. The client’s net number on the HUD-1. B. Still-needed signature(s) on any last-minute Purchase Agreement Amendments. C. The listing agent’s sign riders from the “For Sale” sign (once the...
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Rating Realtors: How to REALLY Know Who’s Good

Jury of One’s Peers, or, “It Takes One to Know One” Want to know who the top local Realtors are for any given area? Not just sales volume, but actually talented, professional, effective, etc.? Ask their peers. Specifically, ask the agents who’ve done deals with them — and have witnessed, first-hand, how well they market,...
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