May 19, 2014

Home Prices Up, Affordability . . . Up, Too (??)

Affordability’s Three “Ingredients”:  Housing Prices, Mortgage Rates, & Employment Don’t rising home prices make homes less affordable? In general, yes. The exception is when interest rates are falling faster than home prices are rising — the case right now — and wages and employment are improving (also true). From 4.6% to ???? So, from a...
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Lawyers (and CPA’s) are from Mars, Realtors are from Venus

How different are lawyers and CPA’s from Realtors?  (I’ve been all three). Never mind temperament and personality; their biological clocks are literally night and day. Put it this way:  at my former law and accounting firms, if I showed up at 7 a.m, I could count on at least 8-10 colleagues already being at their...
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