September 18, 2013

“Will You Be at Closing?” (& Other Silly Questions)

Being There — Literally — For Clients I suppose there are Realtors who miss their clients’ closings. But, I’m not one of them. Would you miss a kid’s graduation? A family member’s birthday party? OK, so a real estate closing may not be quite so momentous. But, after working side by side with someone closely...
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Consultant: “Irrational Decisionmaking > High IQ”

But That’s Not Rational! According to business consultant Doug Lennick, “irrational decision-making trumps high IQ” (Lennick spoke to a group of senior Edina agents this am). Every veteran agent knows that that’s true — and doubtless can cite multiple, first-hand examples involving their own clients (I know I can). Still, it’s good to hear it out loud, and creates...
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Hank Paulson, “Five Years Later”: I’m Not Buying It

Buy Boycott This Book So, five years after the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the 2008 financial crash, former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is peddling a new forward, “Five Years Later,” to his 2011 book “On the Brink.” Ironically, at 38 pages, Mr. Paulson’s forward is a whopping 35(!) pages longer than his original TARP...
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