January 7, 2013

Twin Cities New Construction Multiple Choice: Guess Where?

Guess #2:   How Much? Owner’s suite w/Large Bath & Walk-in Closet. Open Floor Plan w/9′ Ceilings. Granite/Stainless Kitchen w/Undermount Sink/Peninsula. Barrel Ceiling. –Excerpt, MLS Listing Based on the accmpanying photos and marketing language (above), guess where this new single family home with 4 Bedrooms and 3 Baths is located: A. Linden Hills in Southwest Minneapolis; B. ...
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Housing Market Lagging Indicators & Contrarian Signals

New 2013 Continuing Ed for Realtors: “Contracts and Minnesota Distressed Properties” Investing types know that the one of the keys to divining markets is determining market psychology — then acting against it. Call it, “Contrarian Principle #1.” Noise vs. Signal Given Principle #1, it’s no surprise that figuring out exactly which signals reflect consensus sentiment is something of...
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