October 31, 2012

Tom Friedman on Minnesota Politics

“Exotic” Minnesota “I was debating whether to go to the Turkish-Syrian border this week or to visit my old high school in Minnesota. I decided to make the exotic foreign trip and go to Minnesota.” –Tom Friedman, “Minnesota Mirror“; The New York Times (10/31/2012) You may not agree with everything New York Times columnist (and...
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Trickle-Down Political Ads

As the Nov. 6 general election approaches, regulars readers of this blog may have noticed some political ads popping up on this site. The explanation? Google’s software is placing them, based on key words that the advertisers — incumbent politicians and their challengers — are bidding for. If political spending is trickling down to little blogs...
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Twin Cities’ Most Popular Real Estate Blog? You’re Reading It!

When #2 = #1 If you go to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, or AOL and search on “Twin Cities Real Estate Blog,” you’ll find this blog consistently ranked #2 on all of them.  Ranked #1:  “Twin Cities Real Estate Blog,” by Edina Realty colleague Aaron Dickinson. Unless Aaron relinquishes that name, there’s no chance that the search engines...
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