July 19, 2012

Famous Homes for Sale — Twin Cities Edition

How Big a Premium? Do famous homes fetch a premium? In the Twin Cities, it’s hard to know — there aren’t that many of them. However — at least to Baby Boomer fans of The Mary Tyler Moore Show — there are few more iconic homes than the one (pictured above) on Kenwood Parkway, just north...
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Cell Phone Double Standard

Waiter vs. “Wait-ee” Dear Uptown Coffee Shop barista: If I want to talk on my cell phone while I’m in line waiting to order coffee, it may be rude — but it’s my prerogative (in fact, I make a point of NOT doing that). However, if you’re on your cell phone while you’re making my coffee ....
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The Left-Behind “For Sale” Sign

Whose Job is it? It’s not my job, as the Buyer’s agent, to have the “For Sale” sign removed after closing. But if the listing agent (representing the Seller) doesn’t arrange to have that done, it is my job to follow-up. In fact, at least at bigger brokers like Edina Realty, that process is done automatically...
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