May 18, 2012

Cistern Included, No Extra Charge

Not a Bad Tornado Shelter, Either (Assuming You Can Get Into It) After showing, I dunno, 5,000 homes over a decade, the surprise isn’t how much is familiar by now, but how much is (still) new. Like the home with a rather massive basement cistern I showed earlier this week. At first, it was a...
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Which Room is That Again?!?

Save for a certain plumbing fixture, you’d scarcely know that the room pictured above is actually a Bathroom. In fact, it’s rare to use one of the 18 allotted MLS photos to showcase a home’s Bathrooms, if only because other rooms are usually, well, more photogenic.  However, when a home has a Bathroom as appealing as this...
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Cutting Down on Key Chain Clutter

Quick Alternative to House Cleaning A thorough housecleaning can involve weeks of sorting, discarding, cleaning, etc. Not that ambitious? I recommend a “key chain cleaning” instead. Orphaned Keys As practiced by yours truly, it can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes, and involves these three steps: 1. Take all the keys off your key...
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